perfectly portable <em>To Go</em> liquid sweetener steviafruit

New Nevella® Stevia To Go™ is the first and only truly portable liquid zero calorie and carbohydrate sweetener.

Stevia is a plant that grows mainly in the plains areas of South America. Stevia contains rebiana, a naturally occurring zero calorie sweetener. We extract the rebiana by steeping the leaves of the stevia plant in the same way you would make a cup of tea. This process delivers a sweetener that is 200-300 times that of sugar. Our Stevia To Go uses this naturally sweet extracts with other natural sweeteners and a small amount of preservative to maintain freshness.

You'll love the taste and you'll feel good about using something made with the natural sweetness of a plant. It's a liquid so it dissolves instantly with no stirring. Click here to learn more about stevia or visit your local Walmart Supercenter to try it today!